It is known that the idea is the key to each success. However, the way from the idea to a finished product and success is laborious and demanding. Our aim is to accompany you in this journey. Certainly, you can count on our knowledge, experience and skills.
And maybe you feel it’s not the technical aspects that seem to be the problem in accomplishing web projects that you’re familiar with, but you simply lack in time. We are willing to support your company in a struggle against the deadlines and unexpected commissions. Let us do some part sof your work for you!


We create web services basing on specifications and prepared graphic projects. The individual assortment of solutions helps us accomplish simple projects, large services based on CMS and also complex web services.


We lead up libraries and web services accomplishing specific tasks. Such type of a product is based on first stage interface communication. Thanks to such approach, the implementation is just a formality.


We construct dedicated applications for Social Media platforms. We possess huge experience in accomplishing projects based on Facebook platform, for both: usable and competitive applications on FB and outer webs.

Code refactoring

We help our clients by modifying their old, unfriendly and difficult to maintain code into a modern environment. Thanks to the modification, the system gains new fresh and a chance to develop and simultaneously our clients get lower costs of maintaining and implementing new solutions.


We will boost the performance of the applications at the level of code, system’s logic and database. Moreover, we implement the solutions that improve the efficiency according to client’s needs and capabilities.


We provide services concerning analysis of internet projects (specs, mockups, plans). We put the particular emphasis on peculiar cases and potential threats. Furthermore, we help to plan the project and minimalize the risk.